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Mariah Carey’s Net Worth

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In 1997, Carey split from Mottola and from Columbia and experienced a string of personal troubles, including fallings-out with several labels and the unanimous panning of her semi-autobiographical film Glitter. In 2005, Carey released The Emancipation of Mimi, which returned her to critical prominence and became the best-selling album of the year; in 2008, her album E=MC2 had the best-selling first week of her career and made her the artist with the second most number-one singles in the history of pop music, above Elvis Presley and second to the Beatles. Carey married actor/comedian/musician Nick Cannon in 2008, and continues to release albums.
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Regardless, Mariah has now released 14 studio albums, with success being relative – her latest is “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”, but other sales including videos have maintained an impressive net worth for the singer.
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After her Charmbracelet World Tour in 2003, Mariah began work on her tenth studio album, The Emancipation of Mimi. The album was released in April 2005 and included the hit single “We Belong Together.” The song became Mariah’s sixteenth chart topper on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the second longest number one song in US chart history, behind her other hit “One Sweet Day.” Billboard listed it as the “song of the decade” and the ninth most popular song of all time.
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Mariah released her eleventh studio album, E=MC², in April 2008. Two weeks before the album’s release, “Touch My Body,” the record’s lead single, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and became Mariah’s eighteenth number one. This accomplishment made her the solo artist with the most number one singles in United States history,
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In September 2009, Mariah released her twelfth studio album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, and became the lowest-selling studio album of her career. However, the album’s lead single, “Obsessed” debuted at number 11 and peaked at number seven on the chart. This single marked Mariah’s 27th US top-ten hit, tying her with Elton John and Janet Jackson as the fifth most top-ten hits.
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In January 2015, Mariah announced she would have her own Las Vegas show at at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace beginning in May of that year. To coincide with the residency, Mariah released #1 to Infinity, a greatest hits compilation album that contains all eighteen of her Billboard Hot 100 number one singles, as well as a new single, “Infinity.”
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Mariah Carey was raised on Long Island and held a wide range of jobs while attending cosmetology school. She attended a CBS Records party where music executive Tom Mottola got a copy of her tape, signed her to a Columbia Records label, and eventually married her.
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American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, voice actor and model Mariah Angela Carey, was born on 27 March 1970, in Huntington, New York State, of part-Irish descent through her mother, and part Afro-Venezuelan through her father. Her multi-faceted successful career in show business means that almost everyone interested in pop music around the world today knows of ‘the Songbird’.
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Mariah’s musical talent apparently started to show when she was just two years old, amazing her mother by imitating her opera voice. At four years, Carey was already taking musical lessons with a private teacher, but she didn’t associate her future with music until after school, meantime taking many types of part-time jobs just to earn some money. For example, she was working as a waitress until she signed a contract with Columbia records, which led her to fame.
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In her personal life, Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Mottola from 1993 to 1998, then in a relationship with Luis Miguel until 2001. She met and eventually married Nick Cannon, in 2008, and they had twins, but finally divorced in 2016. She divides her time between her New York apartment, a Bahamas mansion on Windermere Island, a Hamptons home, and another in Beverly Hills, California.
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Mariah’s second album, Emotions, was released in September 1991. Although the album sold over 8 million copies, the title track became her fifth number one single.
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Mariah’s third album, Music Box, was released in 1993 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, eventually selling over 32 million copies. Her two singles from that album include “Dreamlover” and “Hero.”
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In October 1995, Mariah released her next album, Daydream, which included the single “One Sweet Day.” The song remained atop the Hot 100 for a record-holding 16 weeks, and became the longest-running number-one song in history. Daydream became her biggest-selling album in the United States, and became her second album to be certified Diamond.
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Mariah then turned towards the world of movies with the release of her movie Glitter on September 21, 2001. Unfortunately, the movie became a commercial and financial failure, making only $5.3 million at the box office and having only a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film’s soundtrack sold only 3 million copies.
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In January 2016, Carey became engaged to James Packer, an Australian businessman. However, in October of the same year, it was announced that they had separated. The artist has plans to shift her focus back to her very first love — singing — and is slated to tour with Lionel Richie in 2017.
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On December 31, 2016, her final performance of the year suffered major technical difficulties in what The New York Times described as “a performance train wreck”. She was unable to hear the music and stopped singing. The performance made the start of 2017 difficult for Carey, but that didn’t stop her from working on more projects.

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